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Water shower purification

Multi-level filter layer to help you remove the water of heavy metals, chlorine, sulfur and other harmful substances and bad smell. No tool required. Install in minutes. Simply screw on between shower unit and shower flex. Apply to cold water and hot water bath, high temperature and pressure will not affect the function of the product itself.

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Activated Carbon

Household Kitchen Activated Carbon Faucet Tap Water Filter Heavy Metal Rust Sediment Purifier

  • Through the internal layer of water filtration tissue to achieve the effect of rapid stratified filtration.
  • It can remove the residual chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities in tap water.

Water Filters

Hydrogen Rich Water Generator Japanese Alkaline Energy Glass Water Ionizer Anti Aging USB H2 Healthy Smart Cup

Household Appliances

Famous Brand Portable Mini Tap Water Filter Purifier Water Filter Catridge for Household Waterfilter Filtro De Agua

Replacement Water Jug Filter

6Pcs Replacement Water Jug Filter Cartridges Refills For Brita Maxtra+ Plus Newly Activated Carbon Handle Design Improves Taste

Adjustable Drinking Fountain

Xiaomi SCISHARE 1800ml Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser Temperature Adjustable Drinking Fountain Double Heating New Arrival